Monday, February 6, 2017

Vermont Home & Garden - 3 Pack Mason Jar Solar Lights Screw on Silver Lids - Warm Soft White Light - Jars NOT included

Continuing my solar light junkie addiction, I found these very cool 3 pack of solar light lids that fit standard regular mouthed mason jars that have become THE conversation piece at my house. To use, you simply unravel the lights and screw the solar lid to the mason jar, remove the plastic film on the solar panel, turn and place in direct sunlight for the day. Alternatively, if they aren't charged, you pull the included solar batteries and use regular AAA batteries in a pinch. To use, make sure you have the button on the inside of the panel to ON. As soon as it goes dusk, the lights automatically pop on and go off when out of charge or at dawn. They look so pretty on a patio table, mantel or window sill. The lights are just enough to give it a pretty glow and adding other elements in the jar like moss and twigs with the lights give it a cute rustic feel. I pulled mine in for the rain since I want to make sure they last but they look to be waterproof. They come with a 100% money back guarantee so not worried regardless.

Very good purchase and make an excellent housewarming gift!

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