Thursday, September 22, 2016

Arabica Coffee Shampoo & Body Wash, Organic Ingredients, 100% Natural & Pure, Anti Hair Loss, Restore Hair Growth, Manageable Hair, 8 Fl. Oz. (Misc.)

Coffee smell? Yes, please ! This Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee is advertised as a shampoo/body wash/bubble bath combo but for me, I think the bubble bath may be the best use. I do use it as a body wash but it is a little thinner than I’d like but it does lather up very nice. The smell is incredible and my skin feels super smooth after use. I tried it as shampoo but I think as a bubble bath, it is dreamy with the smells and all the bubbles this provides. I soaked until the water was cold and loved how relaxed I felt and my skin was soft and even a bit tingly as I dried off. Since it contains caffeine, it stimulates your hair follicles and you can feel it awaken your skin as well as your sense. I have the scrub in this same product line and when I combined both, my skin felt toned, soft and alive in one big punch. Great to use when you need that extra push in the morning. Love that is has no harmful chemicals and has antioxidants as well. You can definitely feel the oils and vitamins in this wash/shampoo/bath after just one use by how nice your skin feels. Only thing I would like to see is the consistency a bit thicker so it doesn't run off so fast when using it as a body wash. Other than that, I really like this product.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion and I am in no way obligated to leave a certain rating. I rely on reviews when making my own purchase decisions and only provide honest reviews after using or testing a product.

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