Monday, September 5, 2016

Wolfroad Tactical Hunting Riflescope Laser Red Dot 223REM Laser Bore Sight .223REM red laser bore sighter (Misc.)

Perfect and easy to use bore sight! Simply take the three of the four batteries (you get one extra) and place them in the sight negative side in and screw the top on. The laser dot appears and you insert the casing into your bore in the rifle and it allows you to accurately set your rifle. Quickly allows you to zero in your rifle for shooting using less ammo. The only issue is the instructions on the back of the package go from sighting in your rifle to talking about bows and arrows. I think it's a misprint and needs to be corrected as well as the description on Amazon. That said, Wolfroad makes a great product and it worked great on my personal rifle.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion and I am in no way obligated to leave a certain rating. I rely on reviews when making my own purchase decisions and only provide honest reviews after using or testing a product.

ot 223REM Laser Bore Sight .223REM red laser bore sighter (Misc.)

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