Friday, September 30, 2016

Only Natural Pet Kelp Boost (Misc.)

I purchased this Natural Kelp Boost for my 12 year old diabetic Labrador. After 5 years of insulin, her skin and coat are losing their shine a bit and I was told kelp was a great natural flea repellent. After 1 week solid of adding the kelp to her strict diet (she loves it by the way), I have not had any evidence of flea issues, her skin isn't itchy and the best part is she seems to heal much quicker from cuts. Since she has cataracts from her disease she cannot see as well and runs into things occasionally. Recently, she cut her elbow pad on a bush and when that happens, it generally takes weeks for her to heal but she healed in just 4 days! I have never had her heal that fast from any sores. I really am happy with this for her because it's hard to find a great product packed with so many nutrients that she can take that won't increase her blood sugars. I also have noticed this seems to have stabilized her gut as well since the evidence on my lawn suggests regular waste. :)

Highly recommend for special needs dogs, too!

I received this product free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion and I am in no way obligated to leave a certain rating. I rely on reviews when making my own purchase decisions and only provide honest reviews after using or testing a product.

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