Monday, December 26, 2016

Bluetooth Speaker 4.0 Wireless Waterproof Shower OK Portable Outdoor Sport NFC 3D Sound Shockproof Dustproof, Pair All BT Devices,10 Hour Music Play 1500mAh Battery, Hands Free Call, Mic, AUX -Green

This powerful little bluetooth speaker is a piece of cake to use and is perfect for camping/boating trips or just for use around the house. While it only has 3 watts of output, it has great clear sound. It is waterproof (don't submerge for long periods) but more like splash proof. It has mounting bracket holes for adding it permanently to something like a bike and is dirt/sand/shockproof. I like that I can listen to FM radio as well on it and/or use a micro TF/SD card for music. It connected super easy to my phone and I had my phone a little over 30 feet away from the speaker before I started to get some distortion. After charging it for 3 full hours, it played for 3 solid nights on the patio for approximately 11 hours. Definitely a great speaker for indoor/outdoor activity with no worries about it taking heavy use. I received this speaker to test and decided to share my honest opinion since I liked it so much.

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