Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Vernal Lustful Lips Plumper - Triple Collagen Infused Lip Plumper | Get Fuller, Sexier Lips Without Injections | Best Lip Plumper That Works by Vernal Skincare

Who doesn't want beautiful plump lips without all those nasty injections and chemicals? Well, I do!! Vernal has a good product with their triple collagen, green and white tea, grape seed extract and a blend of antioxidants including Vitamin E that plumped my lips enough that I noticed the fine lines gone, but hydrated them with a lip gloss type formula.

The lip conditioner is Paraben and Sulfate free and contains hyaluronic which grabs moisture from the air and keeps in on your lips. I apply it first thing in the morning and it lasts most of the morning. I have had no sensitivity although I do get a tingling sensation when I apply it. Once I apply it, I let it sit then go ahead and add my lipstick. It's not a huge difference in my lips but enough that I notice it looks better and so do others. And, its much better than surgery!

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