Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Large Pop-Up Mesh Wire Frame Screen Food Tent Plate Dish Covers for Outdoor Event Picnic, Barbecue, Camping, Fruit Dinner Protection, Wedding, Birthday, Party Supplies (4 Pack) by Super Z Outlet

As a family that does a lot of outdoor BBQs and family events, these mesh tents are a necessity. I purchased them with the intent to split the pack of 4 with my sister-in-law but once they arrived, I decided I needed all 4. Each tent is 16 inches by 16 inches and 6 inches tall and covers all my casserole dishes and serving platters. The tents a made of a nylon mesh strung over galvanized steel wire frames that you just pop up and lock into place then reverse to fold them up and put away. Very easy to store, too!

With all the kids in my family, I was worried about spills on the white mesh but I handwashed the edges and the first spill came right out. The bugs are not a problem with these great tents and 4 is perfect for the patio BBQs. Although, my husband is trying to stick them with his hunting gear, I am determined to keep these handy for all our events to keep the bees, flies and other insects out of our foods.

Well made and very functional. I highly recommend.

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