Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lifewit Giraffe Dog Toys, Cotton Dental Teaser Rope Chew Teeth Cleanning Toy for aggressive chewers Large

In our house, we have Labrador Retrievers. Yes, plural. Not only do we have 2, my daughter has 1 and my brother has a German Shepherd. Besides a lot of fur balls all over the house, what does this mean? Well, every family get together, we host the dogs. They play and they play hard. Finding a toy that 4 very large dogs don't destroy in a matter of moments is near impossible. Until we found this Lifewit Giraffe Rope Chew.

I was skeptical when I ordered after seeing carnage of past "indestructable" toys all over my yard constantly and spending lots of money trying to find something that would get through an afternoon of play time. I opened my package and pulled out this very solid, large sized (13.8 inches long) very well constructed giraffe. It's made of pure non-toxic cotton and is super cute. I could barely get it out the box before my girls grabbed it.

Now, it's been a solid week and I can tell you that it is still intact with the exception of a few tufts of string and that to me is amazing. It's easy for them to carry and taunt each other with a game of tug-o-war and whoever has the giraffe is definitely queen for the moment. Finally, a toy that has lasted those two and their crazy chewing. The other dogs come over this weekend so will update if something changes but I have found the best stocking stuffers for them now and am thrilled.

At $14.99 and free ship with Prime, this is an awesome buy.

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