Thursday, December 22, 2016

Duraviva Insulated Food & Drink Party Serving Tray Portable Foldable Cooler for Beverages, Buffet, Picnic, BBQ, Salad Seafood Bar

This insulated serving cooler is amazing. Not only is it a great size at 36 x 16 x 5.5, it works perfect for any event where you need to keep food or beverages cold. We have outdoor parties all summer long with large families and this will be excellent to keep our salads and fruits cold and with the included lid, we can either use that to keep the ice colder longer, keep out the nasty flies of use on it's own for more food. In reverse, you can use this to keep foods hot, too! Love all the options! The bottom has nice stretchy fabric that attaches to both sides to keep the cooler sides up and even. The inside is foil insulated (nice and thick) and leakproof. It is super easy to wash down and tall enough to hold cans, bottles, and all kinds of serving trays/bowls. I love that it holds 40 pounds of ice and 50 beverages. No joke. Finally, the fact you can fold this up tightly with the velcro strap for storage makes it very portable for camping or tailgating. This would make an absolute awesome gift but I love it for me and highly recommend it.

For more information on this awesome cooler, click here.

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