Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kitchen Utensil Set by Kitch&More - Kitchen Tool Collection Includes an Easy to Use Apple Slicer, a Sponge Holder with Two Hooks and a Lemon Juice Sprayer - Great Housewarming Gift - Premium Quality

Nice set that includes a very sharp stainless steel apple slicer, lemon/lime juicer spouts and a cute kitty sponge holder. The cute kitty comes with a two suction cups so you can attach it to cupboards or tile walls easily. You can even use it to hang your potholders or soap. The juicer spouts are simple to use; just insert by twisting into the fruit and squeeze. Best part is the spouts are sprayers so you can spray the juice and then place the lid back on and place the fruit back in the refrigerator. The apple slicer/corer is a piece of cake to use and quickly gives you apple slices for snacks. 

I got this set for my daughter's stocking but after it arrived, I decided to keep it since it works so well.

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